Price list

  • TopHit Corp. Igor Kraev: +1 (408) 455-4374
  • TopHit Germany, Dimitri Appel: +49 (1722) 243–2413
  • TopHit Netherlands, Nadya Walter: +7 (916) 467–8148
  • TopHit España y América Latina, Azamat Unadzh: +34 (602) 389–307
  • TopHit Russia & CIS, Masha Krylova: +7 (985) 159–2242
  • TopHit Eastern Europe, Nelly Druta: +373 (7912) 9868
  • Top Hit Ukraine, Anna Kozyreva: +380 (67) 465-3537
Your New Hit — PreTesting on TopHit and getting into 1000+ Radio Stations
PreTesting of a new track by leading radio station's music editors and directors by technology developed by TopHit 1-3 days $100
Getting a track* into 1000+ radio stations air in Moscow, Russia, Ukraine, other ex-Soviet States, as well as European Union, Middle East, USA and Canada broadcasters. Includes of at least 4 weeks of online reports for right holders on the use of each track 10 stars 4 weeks for free
9 stars 4 weeks $150
8 stars 4 weeks $200
7 stars 4 weeks $250
6 stars 4 weeks $300
5 stars 4 weeks $350
4 stars 4 weeks $400
3 stars 4 weeks $450
2 stars 4 weeks $500
1 star 4 weeks $550
Distributing a track via TopHit without pre-testing 4 weeks $550
Remixing of your track 1 week from $500
Getting track back from TopHit Archive for a distribution on a current date 4 weeks call
Escalating a track** that was previously posted for broadcasters on TopHit 4 weeks call
Uploading a track to TopHit for fingerprinting and collecting on-air statistics $50
* Track distribution via TopHit on radio stations means placement of the full version of the track and accompanying information in the TRACKS section on TopHit for 4 or more weeks. This gives interested TopHit partner radio stations the opportunity to download a professional quality copy of the track to their database, include it in playlists and then broadcast it on air.

** Escalating a track means moving the track upward in TopHit's TRACKS section while preserving its rotation statistics from the date of its first actual placement of a track in the top position to attract additional attention to the track from radio stations partnered with TopHit, to increase the number of track downloads by stations and to possibly increase the number of its rotations in the future. An escalation of a track in the TRACKS section is an action that in no way affects the current position of a track on TopHit CHARTS.
Your Ad Banner — production and posting on TopHit
TopHit homepage, Announcements, Songs / Videos section 1 day $100
Top Hit Music Awards page, 1 of 8 slots, static banner 1 week $500
Songs / Videos section, 1 of 8 slots, static banner 1 week $650
TopHit homepage, 1 of 8 slots, static banner 1 week $1 000
Songs / Videos section, exclusive static banner 1 week call $3 500
Top Hit Music Awards page, exclusive, video banner up to 60 seconds 1 week call $3 500
TopHit homepage, exclusive static banner 1 week call $4 200
TopHit homepage, exclusive, video banner up to 60 seconds 1 week call $5 000
Your Music Videos, News, Interviews, Artist IDs on TopHit
Distributing a music video via TopHit, including HD video 4 weeks $140
Posting of news about Artists or Artist's interview on TopHit 1-3 days $100
Distributing an Artist ID via TopHit for free
Your TopHit Spy bot — Tracking Your Hit OnAir in real time
Track monitoring cost on a radio air by TopHit Spy bot depends of the number of songs tracked by the user and the sum deposited on their account. The bigger the deposit, the slower it gets spent. Additional charges apply for retrieving daily, weekly, quar 1 track 10 days $10
3 tracks 1 week $20
8 tracks 1 week $50
10 tracks 2 weeks $100
13 tracks 4 weeks $200
Payment / Refund Terms and Conditions

Payment for services rendered to the User of the platform (website) TopHit is rendered by making advance deposits to the User’s personal account on TopHit and the subsequent withdrawal of funds from the account in accordance
with the above price list.
The User can make advance deposits electronically by one of the following methods:
– via Visa / MasterCard
– using electronic payment system, i.e. Stripe
– by transferring funds to Top Hit Corp.
All User operations conducted by bank card in the territory of the Russian Federation are carried out by the Yandex.Checkout payment system.
The advance is considered received and recorded in the User’s TopHit account after bank notification of the receipt of payment to the TopHit LLC account, or after receipt of corresponding confirmation from the electronic payment system.
The amount of funds charged for services cannot exceed the amount on the User’s account.
Information about the amount of the advance, the cash balance on the User’s account, and also about amounts charged to the User for TopHit Services is displayed in the User Account.
All payments for services rendered to the User of the platform (website) TopHit are not subject to VAT due to the use of the simplified taxation system based on art. 346.12, 346.13 ch. 26.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation
from 01.01.2008 (notification of the use of the simplified taxation system of the Federal Tax Service Inspector No. 2 for the city of Moscow dated 09.11.2007 No. 674)
Payments to a User’s TopHit account by a third party are considered actions committed solely in the User’s interests and do not create any obligations to the platform (website) TopHit to third parties.
All rights and obligations, with respect to payments made by a third party in the service of the User, arise solely to the User.

The User has the right to request the return of previously paid and unspent funds in the event of his or her refusal to continue receiving services from the platform (website) TopHit.
In this case, a representative of the TopHit (website) platform will initiate the return of the monetary funds within 7 (seven) calendar days from the day the User submits a written request for the refund.
Refunds are made:
– with the commission fees paid to banks and payment agents (if applicable)
– within the amount of the funds recorded in the User’s TopHit account at the time of the receipt of the request for refund from the User
– to the same User bank card from which payments were previously credited to the User’s TopHit account
– to the same User account from which payments were previously credited to the User’s TopHit account
The actual term of crediting monetary funds to the User when refunding them to his or her card or bank account is subject to payment system rules and ranges from 7 to 30 calendar days from the date of the decision to refund the payment to the User.
What is TopHit
TopHit is the largest distributor of a new hits for radio stations and TVs broadcasters.

Founded in 2003, with over a thousand partner radio stations and a 200-million audience, TopHit is widely known among its users as a platform used daily to rate, download, broadcast and discover the latest hits.

That is why numerous independent artists, DJs, producers and hundreds of record labels, including Sony, Universal, Warner, BMG upload their music and use TopHit to promote their work.

Radio stations, labels, and music publishers constantly discover emerging talents on TopHit and help promote their art.

TopHit is the main showcase platform of popular music in Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia. Starting this year we expanded our service globally on a whole new scale with special focus on Eastern Europe and are now happy to provide all of our opportunities to radio professionals.

1. TopHit Music Base includes over 100,000 international, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian songs as well as Golden Hits stored in the best possible quality and available through your personal account.

2. Complete information on songwriters and right holders for every track from TopHit’s music database.

3. Our database gets updated daily with 8-15 hand-picked tracks. Every new arrival gets tested online by our large community of radio professionals and you are welcome to join the testing procedure.

4. YoutTube and TopHit Radio Charts available online, Spotify Charts are coming soon as well.

5. We provide an opportunity for every broadcaster to see their own airplay report as well as others.