Roma Kenga and Agniya Ditkovskite ruin flats to music


On October 21 in one of the factory “Kranyj Oktyabr” halls the shoots of a musical video on the duet composition “Samolyoty” of the youth charts’ hero Roma Kenga, the performer of the main summer hit Summer Night City, who turned the infamous in Russia single of the legendary ABBA into the anthem of parties and beaches, and the beautiful actress Agniya Ditkovskite, famous the picture “Zhara” will take place. The composition, written by the young singer and presented to Agniya, is an absolute hit, which will reveal one more talent of the popular actress. The clip director will be Aleksey Tishkin, famous for his works with Dima Bilan, the singer Zemfira, etc.

According to the main heroes of the musical video, Roma and Agniya got acquainted in the airport. Roma gave Agniya his iPod so that she wasn’t bored waiting her flight. In the playlist of Romin’s iPod Agniya liked most of all the song “Samolyoty”, what caused the guys’ becoming friends. Roma could not even suppose that his friend dreamt to sing. Namely this composition seemed to be worth for her debut. Soon she wrote this song in Roma’s studio.

At first blush one can think that Ditkovskite and Kenga are on friendly terms. But having carefully read the scenario, wrote by Aleksey Tishkin, the press won’t miss a chance for guesses: the script writer and clip director Tishkin is ready to bring all Agniya’s talents into play and depict a true family drama á la “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

“That’s real fun to ruin a flat to music! – says clip director. – But in the final part of the musical video Roma and Agniya appear in each other`s embraces after a juicy family scandal. I’d like you to draw your attention to the mood, originality, energy and beauty of both heroes and sure the showy break of the apartment”.