Singer Yolka finds “new Mikhej”


On October 27 the presentation of the soul-singer Strike – a new project of the famous producer Vlad Valov and singer Yolka, a countryman of the artist Mikhej (“Mikhej i Jumanji), who is the forefather of the Russian melodious recitative, - will take place in the club “Jet Set”. Besides the rotated song “Devochka v metro”, Strike will first time ever present his new compositions “Ritm dozhdya”, “Golos tvoj”, “Top model №1”, etc. on the close performance. He will also sing the composition “Veter” jointly with Yolka”. Even now critics compare the young performer with Mikhej. Strike, in his turn, does not have anything against it and is even proud of the comparison of the kind.

At the pre-concert press conference producer Vlad Valov and singer Yolka will present a new name of the Russian sole-music – Strike as well as say a pair of words about the forthcoming commemoration meeting, devoted to Mikhej, which will take place on October 28 in the club “B2”.

“Strike will surely change all the Russian music industry, his talent will change the people’s point of view on the soul-culture”, - says Yolka. That is the first experience of Yolka as a producer. In the near future she’s going to launch a musical reality show, in which the “new Mikhej” will participate.