Muz-TV music awards becomes fashionable event


On June 5 the Muz-TV’ 7th music awards ceremony 2009 took place in the sport complex “Olimpijskij”. Having started to exist since 2003, the annual national music awards television ceremony in the field of the popular music covers now all the styles and directions. The nominees were chosen with help of popular election, and the final winners are determined by the TV-channel viewers. The best singer gets a silver plate with an apple on it.

This year the ceremony was visited by an unusual mix of popular singers, musicians, producers, actors and TV-presenters. The red carpet in front of the SC turned into a green one, the brand color of the mobile telephony company, which supported the contest.

The topic of saving the world on the whole and particularly in showbiz has already been many times touched upon by stars, when they greeted those, who came, at the red carpet. Serega, who always appears with the singer Ru, spoke in defense of environment, having a costume of khaki color , and the band “Otpetye moshenniki” came to the ceremony with a red cross on it, having declared that they’ll save the Russian showbiz. However, as “the most influential in the Russian pop-industry person” Yurij Aksyuta, the Russian showbiz doesn’t need to be saved. Obviously, that is why “Moshenniki” didn’t get any of the plates as a result.

Year by year the ceremony is becoming a family event. Arkadij Ukupnik came with his spouse Nataljya, Pavel Volya – with Marika and Dima Bilan, who got three plates that evening, came with Elena Kuletskaya and Yana Rudkovskaya.
The Strizhenovs pleased everybody with their presence and exploded the myth of this star couple break.

Valeriya along with her husband Iosif prigozhin thanked Muz-TV channel for rotating the prohibited in Russia musical video Back to love.
Such stars as the RF People’s artists Lev Leshenko, Vladimir Vinokur, Philipp Kirkorov, Irina Allegrova, Oleg Gazmanov participated in the ceremony as the people, who gave “the plates” to the winners.

The ceremony could not do without losses as well: the soloists of the band “Tatu” came separately, having proved the news about the break of the duet. The girls started solo-careers and even planning to give concerts separately. The band “Serebro” lost one of the girls on the way to the ceremony: Olga Seryabkina hurried so much to this event that even sprained her ankle. But the artist still managed to come in time to the performance.

The Muz-TV music awards 2009 again opened the summer season, having shown not only music talents but also fabulous dresses of the stars, created by the most famous designers.The presenters Olga Shelest and Vadim Galygin changed their costumes 3 times, having demonstrated all the clothes novelties of the season.
The results of the Muz-TV’ 7th music awards ceremony 2009:

“Best song”
DIMA BILAN — "Believe"

"Best singer"

"Best duet"

"Best pop-band"

"Rock band"

"Hip-hop project"

"Best video"

"Best album"
RANETKI — "Ranetki"

"Best soundtrack"
RANETKI— "Angely"
("Ranetki" — STS channel series")
Special nominations:
“For contribution into the Russian music industry”
Alexander Gradskij
“For contribution into the world music industry”
Bryan Ferry