KERRIA and SAK NOEL’s latin dance track marks growing playlist support from radios and Spotify


The hot and upcoming artist KERRIA and alongside one of the most influential and awarded Latin DJs of all time, Sak Noel, make their way up the charts and into the radio playlists! Their track “In love with the DJ” caught the attention of more than 55 radio stations including it into the playlists, also receiving 10 start out of 10 via voting on TopHit.

“Working with KERRIA has been an absolute pleasure and I think the final product shows that we had a lot of fun while creating it. I fell in love with Kerria’s voice the same way she fell in love with the DJ. Everything came together really fast and once I was sent the song it took me days to give it my touch. Normally when it is that quick it just means that it works on all levels, which is the case here. I hope people really like the song. It is just a fun record.”, tells Sak Noel

The number of stations showing their support for the “In love with the DJ” track includes some of the biggest regional radio stations such as Lux FM, NRJ, Top Radio and the names keep adding up. On Spotify, the track is supported by playlists such as “ALok e la melhores”, “Gaming Music 2022”, Hed Kandi Ibiza and a total of over 260 playlists.

“The idea for the song came to me after experiencing an unforgettable feeling at a music festival during a DJ’s set. I was so inspired and moved to write a song about that specific feeling of unexpectedly falling in love with a DJ. After working on the first version, the track lacked the emotion and intensity. That is where Sak Noel's magic brings out that passionate, yet serene feeling of loving. I was really excited to have worked with him and it is a true honour to see the magic he brings”, shares her thoughts, KERRIA.