The 600th episode of the Top Hit Chart radio show is on the air now


On June 11th TopHit published the anniversary, 600th issue of the Top Hit Chart. The hosts of the anniversary broadcast are Ivan and Michal Zasidkevich, the members of Dabro – popular Russian band.

Top Hit Chart has been aired since the fall of 2010 when it simultaneously appeared on Muz-TV Russian music channel and dozens of radio stations in Russia and the CIS. 

The leaders of Top Hit Hit Chart were Dima Bilan and David Guetta whose songs were aired more than 30 million times. Yolka became the most popular female singer on the radio: her songs were aired more than 28 million times. Yolka is also the most often played hit on the radio: her song «Provance» has been aired more than 4 million times since 2010. 

Music video «Berry-Raspberry» by the Russian singer Khabib Sharipov remained the #1 of the Russian YouTube charts for 39 weeks with the total number of its views exceeding 500 million.

Today, the Top Hit Chart hosts tell millions of listeners about the top 40 radio hits of the week and emerging new arrivals on radio, YouTube and Spotify every week. 

At various times its hosts have included Eva Polna, Anita Tsoi, Garik Burito, Nyusha and Anna Pletneva. Currently, the program is alternately hosted by Timur Rodriguez, Mitya Fomin, Habib Sharipov, Vanya Dmitrienko, and members of the Dabro band. 

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