Nadezhda Meikher Granovskaya appears about to get married


A true wedding boom seems to have started among the ex-soloists of the band VIA Gra. Not so long ago Vera Brezhneva and Anna Sedokova got married, recently Albina Dzhanabaeva has been made proposal and now Nadezhda Meikher-Granovskaya announces that she’s a bride.

The choice of the sexy beauty became Igor Urzhumtsev – the Director General of Melon Fashion Group LLC. His company deals with production of female clothes ZArina and befree. Mikhail also owns the shops network Love Republic, which are represented by his sweetheart Nadezhda Meikher and VIA Gra ex-soloist Vera Brezhneva.

Maikher and Urzhuntsev have been living in civil marriage several years. But the beauty wants to marry the man of her dream. Nadezhda told journalists that though their wedding ceremony will be a traditional one, they’ll celebrate this important event secretly.

At present Mikhail lives in Moscow but plans to move to Kiev in the near future. In the Ukrainian capital Nadezhda has got a three-roomed-flat, where she lives with her 8-year-old son.

Besides, not so long ago Meikher confirmed information about the fact that she’ll be presenter of the program “Incredible truth about celebrities” jointly with the presenter Igor Reshetnikov.

“I take great interest in the project “Incredible truth about celebrities”, as I’ll narrate about my colleagues from showbiz, - says Nadya. – And very often viewers trust the public persons more, so I take double responsibility.