In Valerij Meladze’s new video “Pobud so mnoj” Nadezhda Granovskaya dances


Not so long ago the shoots of a music video on Valerij Meladze’s new single “Pobud so mnoj” took place. This dynamic composition can be boldly called the leading one of spring. “The song has got an incredible drive – warming and cheerful. Positive and strong rhythm – I’m sure, it will be welcomed by listeners”, - says valerij. And the video on the song promises to be sensory and provocative.

The producer on this composition became the talented clipmaker Alan Badoev, who’s already many times worked with Valerij Meladze. The video, filmed under the aegis of this duo, has always distinguished itself in an irreproachable filming, on the style’ point of view and the bright plots cannot leave anybody indifferent.
“In this video Valera will appear in a new image – the Creator-tempter, who plays, takes risks and seduces. He makes an imp out of a tender and young girl, and eventually he appears bewitched by the charms of “the monster”, created by him. The style of this video will combine the traditions of musicals and Bob Fosse’ choreography,” – says Alan.

“At the same time with the shoots a photo set took place, - says Valerij. – One can usually charge by the pics, made during the filming process, how well the video will be, as they reflect perfectly all the sides of the video. And it seems to me that the video must be a breathtaking one!”

Valerij will appear in the role of an experienced producer, who helps a young lady, who is rather far from the showbiz, enter her dreamland. The story of their relations underlay the scenario of the video and has something in common with the classic plot of “Pygmalion”. The main role of the lady, for whom the meeting with the producer becomes a window to a wonderful future, was played by the model Dariya Konovalova. She had to take an intensive course of choreography – all the dance items, specially created for the video in the style of a jazz dance with a brightly expressed sexuality.

Dasha’s partner in dances is a hot brunette and bright singer, the band VIA Gra soloist nadezhda Granovskaya. It’s her, who, according to the plot, becomes her preceptor and helps the main heroine stand on her own feet. The seducing dance items, performed by Dariya and Nadezhda, alternate with the shots, gradually exposing hard relations of the producer with both girls, who eventually leave their “creator” for an independent life.

And again Valerij Meladze’s new video can be called a true shortie, because every composition of his is a small story about human relations.