Band “VIA Gra” presents new musical video


The first, who saw a new clip of the band “VIA Gra” on the composition “Den bez tebya”, were the users of the largest video portal in the world – The premiere took place on October 15 on the legal channel of the Russian music Ello. The producer of the collective, the author of music and words of the song “Den bez tebya”, Konstantin Meladze, made up his mind to bring his musical collective out the Earth and sends them right to the outer space.

Eva Bushmina, Nadezhda Mejkher and Albina Dzhanabaeva appear in the far human future. A futuristic plot, there’s the most attractive, nice and sexy staff on the board of the spacecraft. The story is based on love, headed by wittiness and ended by incredible passion in the intergalactic space.

The producer of the clip became one of the most famous Ukrainian clipmakers Sergey Solodskij, who shot the musical video “Sumasshedshij” for “VIA Gra” in 2009.