“VIA Gra” to reunion all former soloists at same stage by jubilee concert tour


The most sexual band of Russia VIA Gra is getting prepared for the jubilee. The collective promises to give a big concert on this day. The grandiose celebration has already give birth to a great number f rumors. So, people say, that the producer of the three Konstantin Meladze is eager to gather all the soloists at the same stage, who’s ever been members of the band. And as a dessert, he wants to revive the golden line-up of VIA Gra – Vera Brezhneva, Nadya Granovskaya and Anna Sedokova – in the times of these very soloists VIA Gra reached the height of its fame, having opened en new sexuality era in the Russian showbiz.

Anna Sedokova is waited for with impatience – rumors has it that she’ll start a series of her own concerts across Russia after this performance. Anna, in her turn, fully denies this information and adds that her participation in the reunion performance still remain undecided.

-I would love to sing with the girls, but I didn’t receive any offer from Konstantin Meladze so far. So, we didn’t agree upon anything, - assures Sedokova. – Hence why I’d like to let my fans know that they may not see at the concert, what you were eager to. But if it happens so and we reunion for the performance, I’ll write in my blog about it for sure.