TOPHIT for Radio and TV Stations

Services rendered by to radio and TV stations is an online platform that aggregates a huge digital music content database and provides broadcasters with fresh music of all genres and music directions. We also provide weekly detailed statistics about the songs played on radio air and the videos viewed on YouTube. Today’s partners are Google/YouTube, over 400 radio and 60 TV stations in Moscow, Russia, the CIS countries and Baltic States, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Cyprus, Spain and the USA. is a trusted leader on the market of professional online-distribution and music statistics.

  • Radio stations get all new songs on for free
  • Rightholders upload songs and music videos of uncompressed formats quality to with no loss of quality
  • All new music and videos uploaded to are adjusted in accordance with the radio air standards – songs are encoded as mp3 with compression at 320 kbps / 16 bit, and music videos – as VOB, AVI, MOV, MPEG 2 with the resolution at 720 HD and 1080 HD, stereo, 224 kbps /48kHz/ 16 bit.
  • All broadcasters can listen to new songs, remixes, mixes of singers, bands and DJs, thus testing of new music is done BEFORE its official release
  • We provide detailed information about each song and music video, submitted to I.e. we specify the names of authors, all data about the holders of copyright and neighboring rights, the story of the song and its video creation, detailed rotation statistics of the song played on radio air and the music video viewed on YouTube and other valuable information
  • We are always ready to provide your radio or TV station with individual IDs and liners or organize interviews with singers, bands or Djs

If you act for a radio or TV station and are eager to become our partner, please go through the sign-up process on

  1. Press the SIGN-UP button and choose the type of user you want to register – an FM STATION or a TV-CHANNEL
  2. Please get acquainted with “The Statute of Phonogram and Music Video Use Restrictions”. If you agree with the Statute, press I AGREE
  3. Please fill out all fields in the sign-up form
  4. As soon as the form is filled out, we will send you a confirmation email, stating that your account has been created
  5. To get an access to all the new music content on, please inform the website administrators of the newly registered account. The administrators are available 11 a.m. till 8 p.m. weekdays Moscow time via phone +7 495 749 5840
  6. After phone talk with a administrator, you will receive the second letter, stating that your sing-up process has been successfully completed. From now on you can use all available resources on for all your future needs